Al Majarrah Business Complex

A dazzling group of stars in one of Cairo’s most renowned districts, Majarrah stands out to capture the heart and soul of customer experience. This mixed-use retail and business development was designed with users at its centre.

Retail and office spaces of exceptional quality make up the essence of Majarrah, where no detail is left unattended. The mixed-use nature and the exceptional design of the development promise to deliver optimum footfall results for both retail and business areas.

The development comprises four retail buildings that are strategically designed to offer truly exclusive shopping, entertainment and dining experiences, and that are fused under a unique and creative design concept. With a wide variety of offerings anchored by an upscale supermarket, entertainment venues, fashion and accessories stores, casual dining, a food court, beauty salons and a gym, Majarrah will become a favored destination not only for those who reside in surrounding areas, but for those outside them too.