Healthcare Lighting Tips

Care Home Facilities

Whether at a stand-alone facility, or within a continuing care retirement community that enables residents to age-in-place, it is important for senior residential living spaces to have all of the comforts of home, with additional features and amenities that enhance resident experience.  Lighting is a critical component to the visual experience, enabling visual acuity and safety for aging eyes, as well as supporting a warm ambience for residents and families.

Lighting in a care home should have beautiful styling, advanced LED performance and intuitive controls are essential to creating a living environment that is both welcoming and functional. Aging eyes need more light, but individual needs vary. Lighting solutions that deliver the right amount of light, when and where it is needed, ensure that older residents and those with low vision can see to perform daily tasks and activities safely.

Hospital Rooms

Ideal lighting systems give patients more control of their environment while helping caregivers do their jobs more effectively. Luminaires and integrated controls tailored for hospital patient room lighting are key. Proper lighting aids the efficiency and accuracy of examinations as well as the comfort and well-being of the patient. Task lighting, hospital bed lighting and general ambient lighting all play a role.

Surgical Suites

The high expectations placed on performance, accuracy and efficiency in an operating room never change. These standards not only apply to surgeons but to the lighting systems in these rooms as well. It’s all about the details when it comes to operating room lights, for both task and ambient illumination. A quality surgical lighting solution considers many factors: light levels and intensities, contrast ratios within the room’s activity zones, shadows, glare, reflectance, colour temperature and colour rendering. 

Common Areas

The lighting in hospital waiting rooms, lobbies, reception and admission areas, gift shops, dining rooms and other common spaces can impact an overall perception of the facility. The goal of a good lighting design is to imbue occupants with a sense of comfort and to help foster a feeling of confidence in the facility.