Garages & Car Parks

Good lighting in both Indoor and Outdoor car parks is of paramount importance to ensure both people and vehicles in them are safe. People using car parks must feel safe when walking through the space and vehicles and circulation routes should be well lit too. Garages and Car Parks are usually very large spaces and lighting them at all times of the day is a waste of energy. Smart lighting controls are great to use in these spaces as they control the light, so it is emitted at the right time and in the right place. Emergency versions of light fittings should be used where possible to further ensure safety.

Indoor Car Parks/Garages

Indoor Car Parks get hardly any daylight but a lot of dust and dirt. In parking garages, the safety aspect should always be focused on because dark zones can only be avoided with continuous reliable lighting. An evenly-lit car park where markings and signage, parking spaces and parked vehicles, entry and exit lanes, doorways, lifts and stairs are clearly visible whenever people are present is a safer place for drivers and pedestrians alike. Choosing LED luminaires for these application areas will conserve energy and cut operating and maintenance costs. The use of emergency versions of fluorescent fittings to operate in maintained mode on designated escape routes, stairs, landings &designated pedestrian areas, should be incorporated in the design.

Outdoor Car Parks

Outdoor car parks require bright night-time lighting to help drivers find their way and recognise other moving vehicles promptly. It will also ensure individuals walking to or from their vehicles at night feel secure. Security personnel require adequate light to be able to discern suspicious activity through their surveillance cameras. Energy-efficient, low-glare LED street lights and radially faceted luminaires are the perfect option.

Pole-top systems will help to satisfy a wide range of lighting requirements for outdoor car park lighting as their beam angle can extend to further areas, illuminating darker spaces to prevent hazards and ensure safety for all.

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